The tantalizing stare from the corner seat was too much to handle

a mark and scar shows sings of wear, yet it runs without end

speeding towards disaster and catastrophe, her name spells irony, avarice, and malaise

A coordinating looks shines light on the darkest one

A cold shiver and the clocks silent revolution taunts the seasons change

The flakes of snow fall quietly on the back of a walking train wreck

a silent eulogy to a long dead mother, and father who walked out long ago

these days are longer now, and the sun beams a brighter blue

the eyes of sunken ships, and the ears of broken watches

tells the story of a silent child, head held strong until the snow piled and left again

as it always does

and turns to red, runs in the streets and creates something entirely new

leaves fall every autumn, snow falls every winter, but every new struggle creates new seasons

a wandering stranger looks to the sky and prays, the divine right of poverty

forward staring, and hardly seen, the motorists coordinates. . . pause


almost as easy as autumn




a smile creeps through,





the cold breaks,








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