Category: Poetry

Just Before It Hits

Sit back and take in the moment just before the first note arises from behind and in front. Look out, the lights positioned just right so that only the figures in front of you appear. Three very lose silhouettes dancing in light beams. Beneath them the first row or so, and that's enough. That could … Continue reading Just Before It Hits



Not just waves wash away Footprints in the sand The slow creep, not today No, it came in fastFrom the blue horizon Only distant dots in sight From above then it came To continue the fightA football blown clear Rolled lightly into water Untouched by the blast Singing silent honorsThe air around etched With the … Continue reading Gaza

The Farm

Rays of sunlight pierce through the cracks of the barn creating a checkerboard design on the expansive lawn of the turn of the century farmhouse nestled among fields of soy, corn and wheat stretching as far as one can see in each direction. Each winter the fall’s condensation seeps into the cracks between the boards, … Continue reading The Farm

In the Square South of the City of Lakes

The evening air is heavy with the taste of defeat the single light shines out of century old brick to tell the city it wont go out wont be like the rest The city responds with drunkards and saints mayors and scapegoats that appear too late features of modernity's past set on cityscapes reflected in … Continue reading In the Square South of the City of Lakes