It came quickly to me that this place was more foreign than I could have imagined – the sky was a certain shade of red that seemed to reflect the scene below – ground that once grew the most beautiful grass now covered by pent up rage and a sinking desire for something out of reach – coordinating a similar glance – a child saw the sky and knew; crying wasn’t hard enough; and wishing for another life produced nothing – how sly this was a day that faded into the past – every second now nothing more than a faulty memory of a half drunken soldier of fortune who’s last love fell in the heat – the cold swept in as if to cover the event with a blanket of forget and fortitude – consecrated in the bitter air there’s no soul around; just the appearance of such in the eyes of follow humans – depth is only as far as you can see; otherwise its nothing – the salt taste filled my mouth and I realized I had eaten in days – crowded into the way forward we sat in silence – no one had a way of explaining a simple phrase – the inquisition that follows new encounters seemed so futile; i sat enraged at silence – i prayed for something; prayed to fortune the goddess of chance and being – fortune favors the brave they say – fortune favors no one forever – she gets you; and takes you; and from then on you stop [halted] by the framework of temporal existence – a lifetime is far too long and safety tells nothing of it – follow me and ill show you the way – and we can be happy


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