Al Mezan Center for Human Rights says Property Flooded After Israeli Authorities Open Dam

by Dr. Avishai Teicher, licensed under CC BY 2.5

Originally Appeared in Human Rights Brief

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reported that on February 22, 2015, Israeli authorities opened the floodgates of a dam in the Gaza Valley that caused dozens of properties to be damaged. The dam, which restricts the flow of precious rainwater into Gaza, caused water to spill to a level three meters above the valley below. The ensuing flood killed livestock, destroyed personal belongings and restricted travel. The sudden nature of the opening forced 30 families to seek alternative shelter. While Israeli authorities ensured precautionary measures were taken before the release in Israeli territory, no warning was given to the government in Al Moghraga which was most heavily affected. Al Mezan calls for the halt to actions which interfere with the free flow of both agriculture and drinking water to the people of Gaza.

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