The Cave

She stood at the edge,

and looked down below

A dark abyss lay before her

where no light could show

But she’d come so far, she thought

“I have to see,”

So on hands and knees,

she began to creep.

Along the walls was her life,

painted on canyon peaks

Her head swiveled around

to take in the scene

And she finally realized,

just what all of it means

“It’s mine!” She exclaimed,

for she then realized

The person she’d sought,

was the person inside

So she took from the walls,

all the dreams and the time

And cast light on the shadows

in that dark place in her mind

In that moment a light,

cast such a splendor

Her eyes burned from the beam

like she’d never remembered

It lit up the whole cave,

and illuminated our adventurer

The dark now was lit,

and her history laid before her

It’s so sad, yet so happy

So drunk, yet so sober

With new courage she stands

Inhales and exclaims,

“I won’t be intimidated.”

 “I won’t be afraid.”

The cracks then showed,

on the walls of the cave

And sunlight shined in,

and she soaked up the rays

Right then she thought,

“Freedom – sweet freedom – begins today!”


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