Take note of this original feeling
Cause they never seem to last,
Any longer than the sinking
Of a giant ship in a little boys bath

Arrange yourself just right
So your best features show bright
And harken back to the good ol’ days
But only for a moment, and only in your brain

Take a look at what time gave
For it only gives you temporary pause
Then marches on and forgets
Every little word and every grand cause

Arrange yourself upright
So your toes reject frostbite
And remain just above freezing
For nearly all night, but really only fleeting

Take this down for me quick
“Commanded well whilst made sick”
And hold it tight, just before the credits roll
Take a look around, laugh and be whole

Arrange yourself in the light
So your dress upsets all our sight
And trade angry looks for none at all
But jealousy never seems to stall


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