Wishful thinking is wishful, when action is impossible but neither has my mind been torn when its taken from the stockpile, and throw me into the fire. Fountain scoring in the child’s mind, a cold breeze calms the storm as the ship struggles for, sailors armed in toe. Ignore. behave. Trump, this an outrage. but stay quiet and still, not violent and real. Never again, never before the way forward is the way we hold false. And hold truths not self evident but in self restrained but caution, employees only, don’t step over the line or you’ll be shot, or scorned but civility and frailty for the simple act of living is treason, and the simple act of thinking is reason enough to hold strong, die young but die for something. More, less, equal..death. The score is tied, fourth quarter, ninth inning overtime. Choose, act, react, learn…learn.


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