Im Late

Doubt is a disease only reason can treat
A war is never over if you don’t admit defeat
Scars will remain long after pain’s retreat
But together there’s no challenge that we couldn’t meet
I swear its magic, what goes on, inside of my brain
It’s lightning going off at the sound of your name
But is not an illusion its the truth, so I’ll never refrain
And how it happens now, everytime, I hear the sound of rain
So listen close cause I’m only saying this once
You got this, don’t worry, and don’t make a fuss
It’s cliche, I know, but right now it just us
So enjoy every feeling and soak it all up
I will too, cause I am, and I can hardly describe
What I see, every time, that I look in your eyes
It’s a story I want to read, It’s a story I want to write
It’s the kind of tale you can’t forget, that keeps you up all night
Under the sheets with and candle, and the turning inside
“This is exactly what I mean when I say ‘I’m Alive'”
This is transcendence, ascendance, isn’t eve the best than I can get
and in this moment I’m free to feel what I’ve always expected.


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